Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE NXT – 24 FEB. ’16

Gravity Force, England's first Ultimate Trampoline Park. Saved from

Gravity Force, England’s first Ultimate Trampoline Park. Saved from

American Alpha vs Blake & MurphyDan Gable did most of the heavy lifting in the first part of the match. I can’t say enough good things about him. He makes it look easy. Gable even sells well. This match is also one of the better showings for Blake & Murphy. Corey Graves & Tom Phillips filling in some character was nice for them too. Jason Jordan got the hot tag. He did all of the heavy lifting. They finished Blake with the Super Side Suplex.

William Regal declares a two out of three falls contest for Samoa Joe & Sami Zayn. He also announces new talent coming to NXT next week.

I just don’t get what they’re doing with Elias Samson. His character gets vignettes but it’s not interesting or intriguing. It’s just bad Johnny Cash.

Apollo Crews vs Christopher Gerard – The story told in this match was fabulous. Gerard put in a great showing for himself as the new comer. Crews needed a hard fought win and got it. I haven’t seen him wrestle much so seeing the Toss Power Bomb was pretty impressive. Good win for Crews.

Bayley & Carmella did a good job of being friends again and moving on from that awkward mini-feud. They are also ready to take out Nia Jax & Eva Marie tonight.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Bull Dempsey – Considering that Dempsey has been gone for what seems like a while now, I assumed Dempsey would lose this match and he did. Ciampa got him to tap out. The one thing that stood out to me was Ciampa not being able to roll over Dempsey early in the match. In my eyes, they planned on that being a fat joke about “Bull Fit” but it came off like Ciampa couldn’t roll him over. Dempsey isn’t exactly King Kong Bundy either.

Samoa Joe is asked about the stipulation. He is pissed to even be in this situation. He tells Sami Zayn though that he’s just going to feel twice the pain.

Sami Zayn is definitely ready for this type of match. He’s not afraid of Joe.

Bayley & Carmella vs Eva Marie & Nia Jax – It was no surprise to me that Carmella was moved back into job mode after the min-feud. She has potential but it needs to be against a heel champion, not her bestie. Eva Marie did a good job of putting heat on herself by tagging in for the cheap pinfall victory after Nia Jax did all of the work. Eventually something like that will cause these two to separate but it works for now since people love to hate the untalented Eva Marie.

Finn Balor was told by William Regal that he’ll be taking on the longest reigning NXT Champ Neville next week since Balor’s reign is getting close to Neville’s.

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