Stunt Granny Audio 371 – Mr. Robot, Interpretation and Billy Corgan

Saved from No photo credit given.

Saved from No photo credit given.

Jeremy & Kevin are on this show but was Chris really? You’ll have to let us know after he pulled a Mr. Robot. The good news is that Jeremy & Kevin are there to translate his words of wisdom to you our audience. What kind of things do they talk about? Maybe Dean Ambrose beating John Cena and it not being a big deal on Smackdown Live? Why didn’t AJ Styles just interfere in the match since the WWE didn’t put any gusto behind this first time match up any way? Dolph Ziggler and The Miz got plenty of hype but is there any way to save Ziggler at this point? Should he even beat the Miz considering the roll he has been on? Why did the WWE pit Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin and Jack Swagger in an angle when none of them have been able to catch traction with the crowd? How is it that they only mentioned Jinder Mahal and Bo Dallas from the Raw brand? They did talk about the Cruiser Weights too but how well did the WWE do introducing them? Why was TJ Perkins, the Cruiser Weight Champion, not on Raw? Jeremy finally cracks the code on why Chris keeps getting all Max Headroom on us so what do we learn about Chris and his surroundings? They wrap up by talking about the possible sale of TNA. Is Billy Corgan going to have to front the money himself? I mean, what investor would step? What will change if he gets full control? Why hasn’t he implemented some of these changes as creative director? Chris, Jeremy & Kevin got very creative for this show so click on the link below.

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