Stunt Granny Audio 382 – Is Raw Good Now Too?

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Jeremy joined Chris & Kevin because he was in attendance at this week’s Raw. So why did they start by talking about the foul language used on Smackdown? They do move along quickly to Raw since…Jeremy enjoyed it? Has he been abducted by aliens and replaced with a different Jeremy? Or is even Raw starting to come up to a decent level of production for the WWE? Did it help that this show was back loaded to have a great third hour? Where was Jeremy seated? How did that impact his viewing? Who was sitting around him? Did some of them show up during the bar scene with Sheamus & Cesaro? Just how over is Chris Jericho right now? Why is he on a three month rolling contract with how well he has been performing? Is Kevin Owens the only reason he’s getting booed? Why are Roman Reigns fans just like John Cena? Why do your hosts like it when Reigns pulls dick moves on fans booing him? Did Jeremy get an up close look at the main event between Sasha Banks and Charlotte? Is it good that they’re playing hot potato with the Raw Women’s Championship? Will the WWE eventually have to settle for one or the other for a long term champ? Is it better to have a stable champion like Becky Lynch on Smackdown? What does Jeremy think of Alexa Bliss? Will Bayley ever get a shot at the Raw Championship? Will Asuka ever get the call up to the main roster? Who else in NXT has a chance of being called up among the women? The guys wrap up the show by talking about how AJ Styles almost killed James Ellsworth on Smackdown? Who thought this move was a good idea? Will Ellsworth turn on Dean Ambrose at TLC? What else do Chris, Jeremy & Kevin talk about? Find out by clicking the link below!

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