Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Impact Wrestling – 1 Dec. ’16

Somehow saved from

Somehow saved from

TNA gave us a recap the the DCC and Hardy Family saga. I’m glad I got to see Broken Matt Hardy being reborn after being struck by lightning by the Seven Deities. This whole angle is so ridiculous that I’m not sure how you don’t laugh.

Moose beat Aron Rex in fairly short order to win the Impact Grand Champion. I’ve only seen two of these matches. I didn’t feel like in the last one, Rex was being presented as this inept of a champion. He was more of a “late game” player. Not sure why he did a cart wheel and lost to a clothes line. Moose continues treading water. Never will be sure why he didn’t either stay in ROH or go to NXT. He would have been better off.

The DCC use a voice modulator because James Storm is still regretting not signing with the WWE. Jeff Hardy thinks colored contacts will scare the DCC. Hardy gets the hell beaten out of him because he came alone like a dummy. Matt Hardy swings by after the ass kicking to clear the ring. His big line is Delete Coming Cowards. Not quite the same effect promo wise as the recorded stuff.

Mandrews, Braxton Sutter and DJ Z have sit down interviews about their friendships being put on hold for the X Division Champion. Had a very UFC type feel since they didn’t hint at a break up despite being in a match against each other. I’m not sure there’s anyone that I saw in PWO/Prime Wrestling that has developed more than DJZ. Really like how his character has changed

Someone is mean to Allie. I know she’s with Maria but she should really introduce herself or Ally should say it in the segment. Laurel Van Ness is her name. I figure this out when Maria Kanellis comes down with her. I’m not sure why either of these ladies want Braxton if he’s messing around with them at the same time, with their knowledge. He’s also a punk for not coming out and resolving the problem.

I think I FF thru Jade’s video package about the Women’s Championship match tonight. I watch Rosemary‘s and the whole “Decay” theme is just a wee bit too close to the “Delete” in how they’re being used.

Eddie Kingston looks like he iswearing the Halloween costume version of the Shield outfit. Bram is the other part of the tag team with Storm on the outside. I will admit that some of the shows Josh Matthews has been shilling for POP don’t sound like complete garbage. I mean, something with Chris Elliot and Eugene Levy has to at least be decent, right? The Hardyz end up retaining the Tag Team Championships which does make sense because the Hardyz are the best thing in the company but also doesn’t because the DCC didn’t have a reason to claim they got robbed. Mix up, the Hardyz getting a third person to combat the DCC, something. That Nightcap show preview made me chuckle.

EC3 invites Eddie Edwards to the ring. They both make promises to win or keep the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. EC3 drops a bunch of cliches ending with “Kill ‘Em All and let God sort them out” which is so over the top. Neither of them are fire on the mic.

Jade and Rosemary have gotten a big build for their six sides of steel match for the Women’s World Championship. I just feel bad for these two having to “follow” what happened on Monday night. I realize this was taped well before Charlotte vs Sasha Banks Part 6. Neither of these women are in the league of the ladies in general in the WWE. I’d take Nikki Bella Strong Style in a heart beat. Rosemary won by spitting mist into Jade’s eyes then giving her the Red Wedding. Need the baby to chase, right? I would have gone with feel good story but that’s a valid option. – Kevin DiFrango

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