Stunt Granny Audio 421 – The Show About Nothing

This is saved from It’s trademarked by McDonald’s if you’re blind from the two trademarks in the logo.

Chris, Jeremy and Kevin put their mouths to microphones and decided to talk about the nobodies of Smackdown Live, Global Force Wrestling and Raw. They start on SDL as they normally do and thing careen out of control from there. Who wants to boot Baron Corbin from their TV set already? How is he connected to Damien Sandow? How many Superstars from Canada jobbed on just SDL? Would Sami Zayn & Tye Dillinger make a good replacement for American Alpha? Can we just turn Jason Jordan heel already? Or at least unburden him with being Kurt Angle‘s son? Which of your three hosts has actually watched Twin Peaks? How nice is it to keep Fandango, Tyler Breeze and the Ascension out of the ring but on TV? Why did the WWE bother to build up Jinder Mahal just to have him lose clean to Randy Orton with no help around? Shouldn’t Rusev has caused some type of a distraction to allow Mahal to win? Why do your hosts spend so little time talking about office chairs being used as projectiles? Will some fans ever catch on that Roman Reigns is helping the Raw main event scene be great? How awesome is Braun Strowman? Hasn’t Samoa Joe gotten good build even with his short span on the main roster? Will Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose capture the Raw Tag Team Titles or are they just taking on Cesaro & Sheamus to get a pay day at Summerslam? How tough is it that Scott Dawson is now injured for The Revival? Who has what beef with Enzo Amore? Can you tell by how much TV time he’s getting? What other asinine questions do they answer? Best way to find out is by clicking the link.

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