Stunt Granny Audio 429- Why Sami Why? Hell in a Cell in person perspective and more!

This week’s “Stunt Granny Audio” Jeremy and Chris come at you talking all things Hell in a Cell. Since Chris was in attendance at Little Cesar’s Arena, yuck, you get some first-person perspective. You also get a firsthand account of Jim Cornette and Santino arguing at the famed Cobo Hall. They also discuss this weeks Raw featuring the reunion of The Shield as well as the follow up on Smackdown with Sami Zayn. They also delve in to the problem with the Jinder Mahal feud with Shinsuke Nakamura. Who is really to blame for their boring matches? What happened to Dolph Ziggler and does anyone care? How poorly managed are the babyfaces on Smackdown now? Is there a worse group of male singles champions on any other wrestling show? All this and so much more awaits you. All you have to do is download so get to it already Please.

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