Stunt Granny Audio 457 – Billion Dollar Smackdown Live and Raw Is Weird

Wolf’s Ridge Bourbon Barrel Dave Doesn’t Know Pumpkin Ale. Stunt Granny LLC/ Kevin DiFrango

Chris & Kevin are back again and they’re ready to talk about the reported $1 Billion television deal for Smackdown Live from Fox. Does it matter whether they’re on Network TV or Cable these days? Will this gain viewers who were cord cutters? Will SD Live be considered the A Show since it’s on Network TV? Has SD Live been the preferred show of Stunt Granny since the brand split? The guys move on to that brand current superiority. Who is tired of the New Day schtick? Who isn’t? Does The Miz have a point though that they need to change the dynamic of their group from getting stale? Isn’t it surprising that Big E has never had a big push? How long has Kofi Kingston been doing crazy moves in WWE? Holy cow, Xavier Woods really has 1.5 million viewers on Up Up Down  Down!?!?! How wild is it that Daniel Bryan can have dream matches with so many on the roster including Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe? Will these matches take on a different complexion in a feud format? Will Rusev & Lana become Mr. & Mrs. Money In The Bank? Who is trusted in the ring less, Lana or Carmella? On how many levels was the Bobby Lashley/Sami Zayn segment on Raw terrible? Why is the WWE playing into the large baby face against small heel dynamic again after just doing it with Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax? Speaking of Jax, is it good that she is finally being positioned as a heel in this feud with Ronda Rousey? Is it possible that Jax ends up working with Stephanie McMahon to beat Rousey? Is there a chance good buddy Natalya cashes in on Rousey after both win their respective matches? What else do the guys talk about? Click on the link below.

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