Stunt Granny Audio 541 – The Lana/Rusev/Lashley Effect, Kairi Sane and NXT

Kevin welcomes Shahid back to the podcast. They talk about why the Lana/Rusev/Bobby Lashley led to Shahid foregoing much of the Red & Blue brand TV product. Why is what your hosts consider nonsense getting views on Youtube and other non-traditional ways? Who’s ready to cancel their hotel for the Royal Rumble because of all of this nonsense? How bad were the actions of Charlotte Flair when she power bombed an already injured Kairi Sane then slapped her? Is she getting off light if compared to someone like Sasha Banks? Why is Dana Brooke getting a date with Batista making WWE TV? How weird is that dating situation anyway? How many baby face ladies does the WWE have on their roster right now? Why did the WWE add John Morrison with their most stacked roster in history? What makes NXT the easiest show to tune into week in and week out? What else do the guys talk about? Find out by clicking the link below.

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