Stunt Granny Audio 959 – Trick Williams,Swerve Strickland, Ethan Page, Jordynne Grace and MJF

This weeks “Stunt Granny Audio” is brought to you by Chris and Jeremy and they jump in to some off topic items for sure/ Who hated the Beavis and Butthead segment on SNL? Is SNL ever funny? How many wrestling characters cannot be taken seriously? Who fits this criteria and is there a hope of a characters changing or is just who the perfumers are stuck with/ What is the working relationship between WWE/NXT and TNA? Is NXT’s use of Jordynne Grace a form of legal tampering? Was the Ethan Page reveal a big surprise or the product of a lack of interest in his name? What is gong on with the presentation of AEW and NXT’s main champions/ How can both be afterthoughts on their own shows? Why did AEW pull the trigger on Wil Osprey already? All of this and so much more so get to listening. Please.

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