Scott Hall Hospitalized; No Shock Ensues.

No fucking way?!?!?! Narf!

Here’s a shocker, from, Scott Hall is hospitalized with double pneumonia. This is the same Scott hall who is an unapologetic drunkard and stellar businessman. There may be more to this later but since the info hasn’t come from an official source like a friend in the know or a hospital or an obituary its hard to tell if this is a work. Not trying to pile on the guy but this is the least shocking news I have heard since he was hired by TNA and then released. Who saw that coming right?

This is the part where we are supposed to wish him best wishes for a speedy recovery but what’s the use? The man will inevitably get “better” and then go around drinking himself in to a stupor all over again. He won’t take the measures to better himself and his friends don’t help either. So it is what it is.  -Jeremy

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