Tyler Black going to WWE?

According to multiple sources but using Prowrestling.net, Tyler Black has signed a developmental deal with WWE. Apparently someone in ROH has been paying attention to the success of CM PUNK and Evan Bourne instead of trying TNA like Nigel McGuiness and Samoa Joe.

I called this back around WrestleMania 24. Tyler carried himself like a professional at ROH’s meet and greet so it seemed natural he would be on his way to WWE. Of course, I also said Nigel McGuiness would be in WWE as well and that hasn’t turned out well. Tyler has always seemed like he works best in a team environment. His run as ROH champion has been lukewarm at best and his most successful run in ROH came as part of the Age OF The Fall and then his subsequent feud with Jimmy Jacobs. It would be ridiculous to say WWE needs to bring in Jimmy Jacobs with him but they need to bring in Jimmy Jacobs along with him.  –J

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