Stunt Granny Big 11 (or so) Week Ending 6/4/11

1. Kharma – She had the most memorable segment of the week. It sucks that she won’t have a chance to make the women’s division relevant until next year. Kharma cut a well spoken, articulate promo that got Jim Ross in a little bit of hot water. Later in the week, she said that insult was the reason she has made it in wrestling so everyone won. congratulations on the pregnancy, Kharma. -Kevin

2. Brand Amnesia – Since the WWE thinks we’re all a bunch of idiots who don’t pay attention, I’d like to note that in my Blog and my follow up article that Alex Riley was going to Smackdown. Just over a month after he got drafted, Alex Riley got signed by the anonymous Raw General Manager on Monday. Teddy Long needs to be fired for letting any talent go because Smackdown has got nobody and Riley was at least on the radar unlike Ted DiBiase. -Kevin

3. Imitations – TNA has got more problems than I care to catalog but this week alone they trotted out Miss Tessmacher who is a rip off from Superman, Mr. Anderson continued to imitate the young Sting, Crimson is trying to do Goldberg, Eric Young impersonated the Great Muta, Abyss continues to make believe he’s Mankind and lastly, Impact Wrestling imitated a wrestling program. -Kevin

4. Christian – All of these kneejerk jerks online who poo-pooed Christian losing the somewhat-coveted World Heavyweight Title only a few days after he won it might rest comfortably knowing Christian’s still in the main event given this week’s Smackdown angle. Oh, I’m sorry, making main-event money isn’t good enough and he should have to lug around a huge championship belt everywhere he goes? Some people are dunces. -Eric

5. Ultimate Warrior – Warrior is making waves online by calling out Hulk Hogan for blocking Warrior fans (Destrucians?) from Hogan’s social media platforms. Well, if people really want to make an impact, maybe they shouldn’t hide behind their keyboards and make smart-ass comments like a… bunch of… tough guys…… oh. -Eric

6. Chyna- Porn. Chyna is in a new porn movie. A new porn is being made starring professional wrestling’s Chyna. (Sorry that this entry is so redundant, but our posts about Chyna and porn have gotten us a lot of hits lately. We’ll piggyback off that trainwreck any day!) -Eric

7. Front Row Kid- At the 48 minute mark, or so ,of Impact Miss Tessmacher gets in the ring. On the lower left hand side of the screen there is a blonde woman looking to her right at her son. He has to be about ten-tears old. He is fake applauding. Miss Tessmacher then pulls off her skirt showing off her tight ass. In the background the kids jaw falls open as he raises both arms in the air in stunned celebration. This is the only genuine reaction I have ever seen on a TNA broadcast. –Jeremy

8. Impact Wrestling- So wrestling matters? Um, the show starts with talking, followed by a brawl, then more talking, somewhere there is a three minute match then more talking, something with Don West, eventually a Matt Hardy match so that doesn’t count as wrestling, then talking, tits, an actual match wrecked by bad booking then it ends with talking. One positive, I have become a marksman with the dvr controls. – Jeremy

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