WWE #Smackdown Spoilers – Cbus Edition

Smackdown spoilers. It's gross to show spoiled food.

So not to be a complete ass with spoilers, I will put Smackdown information below the Read More button. I do think that spoilers for NXT and Superstars is fair game in my estimation. I’ll post my Tweet (if you happen to not follow us @Stuntgranny) then any additional information that I can provide.

Tweet #1. – The parking lot isn’t much more crowded than last year’s #Smackdown I parked in spot 71 #GenoforHart (Post Show: So Geno is Evgeni “Geno” Malkin from the Pittsburgh Penguins. The guy was already my favorite Penguin. Then he decided to hoist the team on his surgically repaired knee and be the top scorer in the NHL. The Hart Trophy is for the best player in the league during the regular season. He’s the man.)

Tweet #2. – I go to my seat just for the beginning #NXT It’s a tag team special. (Post Show: the parking being more crowded did lead to extra people in the audience. Definitely not close to the 18,000+ in Cleveland for Raw.)

Tweet #3 & #4. – The Usos are taking on Darren Young & Titus O’Neil. The Usos won. They looked pretty sloppy themselves. Hm, wonder why they aren’t getting TV time? (Post show: I still dig the haka dance from the Usos but they were worse in the ring than Young & O’Neil. No surprise Tamina broke away from these losers.)

Tweet #5 & #6. – Percy Watson & Alex Riley are taking on Curt Hawkins & Tyler Rex. Who’s the coach in the 2nd group? Reks & Hawkins win after a top rope elbow by Curt. (Post Show: Not sure what to add to this match. Nothing happening for people who have been on the pay roll for a while.)

Tweet #7 & #9 – Derrick Bateman & hot blonde whose name I should remember because she hung with AJ will take on Johnny Curtis & some English chick. Maxine is Curtis’s woman. (Post Show: Thanks to @lecroy24fan who has a better memory, Kaitlyn is the blonde. Maxine was with Johnny Curtis. I should have noticed her too since I watched the Diva’s season of NXT before they went strictly online.)

Tweet #8 – McGillicuty & Tyson Kidd are feuding. Promos break down into a brawl. (Post show: No surprise these guys aren’t on either of the big shows either. I love Kidd’s in ring work but his promos still stink.)

Tweet #10 – I’m just to the camera left of the announcers in the 4th row. We’ll see if I get some TV time. (Post Show: They only taped two segments in my area. I tried to get on. I even pointed at my phone with the Stuntgranny.com home page up. I doubt I’ll be seen despite the proximity to the ring.)

Tweet #11 – Dude beside me thinks Maxine is a man’s name. He’s got to be brain power deficient. (Post Show: His buddy was on of those “Title Belt Guys”. Yikes. Plus, the dude wanted to blow and/or have sex with Santino. He also loved screwing with the five year old in front of us. His mom was pretty hot. anyway, it takes a lot for a twenty something year old to mess with a five year old’s mind.)

Tweet #12 & #13 – Bateman & Kaitlyn pick up a quick victory. Let’s just say Kaitlyn is mildly attractive live. @DustyGiebink I’ll pass along your new number (Post Show: The only person I saw tonight that was hotter than Kaitlyn was one of the waitress’s at Gallo’s. Smoking. The both of them. Sorry Dusty, I didn’t get a chance to pass along your number, or even my own.)

Tweet #14, 15 & 16 – Justin Gabriel is taking on for Hunico with his man servant Camacho. My Kashi Go Lean is wreaking havoc on my intestinal track. Maybe I should let a few rip to clear out my section. Hunico put a thumping on Gabriel. (Post Show: I wreaked havoc on my section later. No one seemed to care despite the fact that I grossed myself out a little bit. I didn;t think Hunico would win. I think both guys have the whole package. they just need someone to get behind them.)

Tweet #17 – Lilian has a fantastic heiny. (Post Show: I completely screwed the pooch on getting it on digital media. Trust me like I was Ron Burgundy. On top of that, it’s 1:05 AM. Time for bed. The rest will be completed tomorrow morning.)

Tweets #18, 19, 20, 21 & 22  – The Peep Show is up first. Johnny Wooden GM & David Otunga are out 1st. The guy beside me is the “I’m cool because I root for heels ” kind of a guy. Teddy Long comes out alone. Christian wants a sales pitch for him to be on their team. Christian officially joined Team Johnny. Teddy tried to put Christian into a match. He settled for Otunga vs Kofi Kingston, new Team Teddy (member). Kofi wins with Trouble in Paradise after another GM argument stemming from a tossed Christian. (Post Show: I couldn’t hear Johnny for squat on the mic. Teddy came thru just fine. It was stupid for Christian to want a sales pitch from Teddy Long since he pledged his allegiance to Johnny at the Elimination Chamber. Christian got tossed because the ref sort of caught him tripping Kofi and Teddy confirmed. Otunga attacked Santino so Kofi got the win.)

Tweets #23, 24 & 25 – Bryan insults AJ in her dress. He sweet talks her to make up for it. I got blessed to see Nikki Bella wrestle. She is taking on AJ. Bryan calls out Twin Magic. AJ gets the win. Bryan celebrates like he won. Sheamus vs Chris Jericho later. Nice. (Post Show: She looked just fine in the dress. Why she was trying on a dress right before her match is a little strange. Bryan is doing a stellar job with his character development.)

Tweet #26 – The WWE cut out the Queen material from the Rock. They knew it blew too. (Post Show: The Queen rip off really sucked.)

Tweet #27 & 28 – Cody Rhodes rips on Big Show for his lack of WM success. Rhodes takes on Khali. Rhodes wins with the Beautiful Disaster kick. No one is surprised. (Post Show: Cody wanted to demonstrate how to beat a giant. Khali is the only jobber in that department.)

Tweet #29 – Kane is going after Orton because he injured him last summer. (Post Show: Orton called out Kane wanting to know why he was attacking him. He said he had no problem “Embracing the Hate” like Cena. He said he’d put Kane down no matter what the reason.)

Tweet #30 – Drew McIntyre is fighting the Big Show since Drew signed a 1 year no cut contract with Johnny. (Post Show: Teddy is going the punishment route with Drew now. Moron had a couple of braids in his hair. It’s not helping your nondescript look.)

Tweet #31 – Sheamus had a dumb promo. I’m not shocked. (Post Show: I like his in ring work but the tale spinning is so hack. Like I should be surprised the WWE is going the stereotype route. Even if the stereotype is from Vince’s childhood.)

Tweet #32 – Yoshi gets the honor of being squashed by Mark Henry. Rebuild 1029.0 for Henry. (Post Show: I’ve lost track of how many times they’ve needed to rebuild Henry. He needed it after being Big Show’s bitch.)

Tweet #33 – Zack Ryder petitions to be on Team Teddy. (Post Show: Makes a lot of sense. Zack did it thru a Z!: True Long Island camera. Nice way to present someone differently.)

Tweet #34 – We get RAW on November 12th. Woot. (Post Show: We as in Columbus. Presale starts at noon. I will be buying floor seats after my eye exam. Presale ends on Friday.)

Tweet #35, 36 & 37 – Jericho ran down Punk more. I get the sneaking suspicion Punk alters the outcome of the match. Daniel Bryan & AJ are the 1st people to come to ringside. Bryan costs Sheamus the match. Camera man blocked our view for a 2 minute at most spot. (Post Show: I sort of understand Jericho’s point but alcoholic’s who do AA are struggling so why should he be insulted? Punk has taken preventative measures on a possible problem. My suspicion was obviously wrong but the outcome was the same except for the other competitor. Good to keep the angle within the Smackdown roster if there is such a thing now. The camera man was there to film Jericho being tossed into a seated Daniel Bryan at the announce booth. It was maybe two minutes long the fight on the outside so he screwed our view for the ten minutes or so of the match.)

Tweet #38 – Jericho, Rhodes & Bryan vs Sheamus, Big Show & Orton in a street fight for dark match. (Post Show: Rhodes/Big Show and Sheamus/Bryan battled to the rear to allow the crowd to see an RKO on Mark Henry, not Jericho. We hadn’t gotten one that night since Kane is waiting until Wrestlemania to dismantle Orton.)

Tweet #39 – Full report for the site if I don’t go out drinking with my neighbors, (Post Show: I had two beers with them. Why do you think I was up at 1:05 AM working on the NXT and Superstars tweets? I always need to walk my dogs when I get home too. They were riled up for some reason too. Kia wouldn’t stop barking out the front window.)

I’m not going to do a report for Smackdown this week. I’m hoping to do some audio with someone tonight about the experience. I reserved some information for such an occasion. Who I’ll team with is a mystery. -Kevin

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