Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of @WWE #Raw

Well grandkids, I started doing some sketches on my way back from Des Moines for Stunt Granny logos. I have quite a few more but this was my favorite along with my gril’s. I took my sketch pad into work and they liked it the best too. This is the sign you will see at Raw in a couple of weeks. I’m quite sure my girl and I are in camera view. I may tweak it in the future to make it an official logo but it’ll work for Raw. Let me know what you think of it. If I get some more spare time, I’ll make up more signs with the other logos and test them out. In the meantime, Let’s roll.

It looks like Rey Mysterio is healthy again. AJ Lee is at an emergency meeting but will be back within the hour. She’s not the only one who is confused. I know they’re close by but why would they wait to have a meeting the night of the only show they care about? Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow get a joint intro. Sin Cara starts against Rhodes. I’m glad the luchadores have decided to go back to their original masks. The half masks were not a good look. There was some solid action before the break. A real break from the regular format with a two segment match to start.

Rey connects with the Double 619. What a smart move by Sandow to prevent the count. Cross Rhodes for the win. Kane & Daniel Bryan both tell them that they won’t win the title. Kane continues to be funny but they’re getting into the forcing it territory.

What the hell is going on? Another match? Why is Kofi Kingston getting to kick someone in the face again? Miz is at ring side. Michael McGillicutty is the scarificial lamb. Trouble In Paradise for the win. What a throw away segment.

And the ponderous 15 minute talking segment finally comes into view. It looks like John Cena gets to sell Ryback. His elbow is looking fine but if he doesn’t get in a match, I’m not buying it’s health. CM Punk will provide some relief. Hopefully. I can dig Punk making fun of Cena as a cheerleader. Cena says he’s medically cleared. Punk is pretending, I’d imagine. He’s doing quite a sell job on this. Heyman is cracking me up too.

Justin Gabriel takes on Antonio Cesaro, who grabs the mic before the match starts. Gabriel takes advantage. It doesn’t last too long. While talking about the marathon, the WWE continues some head scratching decisions by having Justin Gabriel nail the 450 for the win. I’m all for moving some people up but not at the expense of someone who is finally doing something.

Well, that’s strange. Vince McMahon didn’t get an entrance. He intros AJ for her meeting synopsis. She resigns because of fraternizing with someone. This one is coming out of left field. We don’t care this much about general managers. I like her act but I still don’t care. She denies the rumors. AJ tells her story. Paul Heyman gets to play bad guy. For some reason, HHH is no longer in power. And the board is going to name a GM promptly. That’s a good one Paul. Don’t we need to drag this out for a couple of months? Vince names Vickie Guerrero the Raw Managing Supervisor. Is this supposed to be “Haha funny” by giving her a laborious title? Are they putting her in place to help out my boy Dolph? Heyman tries to get Punk out of his HIAC match. She denies him. Vickie books Punk vs Sheamus for tonight to trump Booker T. She takes one from Teddy Long’s playbook and goes with a lumberjack match. Another brawl to end a show. Vickie runs down AJ. She attacks Vickie of course.

Ryback comes out first so that the Miz can be reluctant to hit the ring. The Miz is doing a good job of being cowardly. Shellshock. Easy win naturally. Didn’t pay much attention as Baby Momma Drama babbles to me. He called my barbeque sauce an “experiment.” He is chock full ridiculousness.

Kaitlyn comes up behind Eve Torres who is talking trash about AJ. Eve does not take kindly to accusations. For some reason, Layla El joins the scrum. You’re shoe horning her in. Just let Kaitlyn & Eve feud. Josh Matthews gets to interview Sheamus. He does his usual schtick. Big Show tells him to be serious. We get serious Sheamus face. Yippy.

Daniel Bryan is taking on Dolph Ziggler. This has a chance to be a great match. Speaking of Kent State, I get the type the words “They’re bowl eligible.” That’s awesome. A win at Rutgers this weekend would be even better. Bryan busts out the figure four. More than amusing to think of that move as part of an arsenal. No reason anyone can’t use it. Bryan “injures” his left knee. Kane takes us to break. Bryan starts his offense not long of the break. The counter from a spear was awkward at best. Ziggler’s turn to sell a knee injury. Good looking suicide dive. Ziggler swipes more from DX by using an X Factor. Vickie is not at ring side. Is that a good sign for Ziggler? Zig Zag after Kane distracts Bryan. That’s a good win for my boy even if you know it was tainted. Matt Striker yells at them. He is Vickie’s errand boy. They are going to be on a therapeutic talk show. Striker begs for some decorum since he’s hosting the segment.

I suppose I should steal better about stealing the Mount Rushmore idea if they’re stealing the Newlywed Game. Kane is really stealing these segments. Sandow does a good job of running down the idea of the game show. Cody Rhodes played the heavy which is strange. Striker declares them winners. Bryan freaks out. Big Show treats Striker as his whipping boy.

Big Show takes on Kane so that their segments can be strung together. These guy always seem to put together a good big man match. Rhodes Scholars show back up. It distracts Kane. WMD for the win. Rhodes Scholars attacks Bryan. Good set up for only having a show to work with it. Rey screwed up the build up week with his illness. Santino Marella tells AJ she did a good job.  Cena then offers his help. This is weird but gets weirder when AJ says Cena is the culprit. They had a business dinner. Oh, what the hell?

John Cena rips into Vince McMahon who is ducking into his limo. Hold on, why are they recycling TNA storylines? Vince doesn’t know what Vickie’s title means. That makes me feel great. Alberto Del Rio gets to beat Zack Ryder. People are trying to get a Ryder chant going. The majority are not interested. Jim Ross feels the need to pile on poor Ryder. The guy has bulked up and been consistently good on the mic. What else does a brother have to do in the WWE to get ahead? All the while, his chimp of an opponent Del Rio continues to get chances when he hasn’t done either of the above. John Cena gets to grill Vickie. Evidently Cena cost AJ her job. Love the way back historical call for a stupid angle.

Dolph Ziggler runs down AJ. He dobules down on the John Cena blame. I’m confused and don’t care. Ryback video package because they don’t have the ability to book real TV. Paul Heyman gives Punk a nice little rah rah promo. The lumber jacks make their way out.

Sheamus and CM Punk start their match. The jacks do their job early. The break is when the jacks start to act up. Gripping TV. Punk and Sheamus do a good job to get me into the main event after the break. I keep wondering if that’s Mason Ryan beside Kofi Kingston. Something looks different with him. I can’t put my finger on it. Good move by Sheamus to fight and go forward to the ring. Big Show choke slam. Punk gets the cheap pin. Ryback comes out. Yup, he’s definitely losing on Sunday. The WWE is doing a good job of making him look like he’ll win.  -Kevin

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  1. Avatar
    awwwwwww yeah October 22, 2012 at 11:42 pm #

    I like the logo. very creative. if you haven’t thought of it already, you should put others you’ve drawn out as well. personally, i think you already have a winner.

    • stuntgranny
      stuntgranny October 23, 2012 at 7:59 am #

      Thanks man. I’ll do what I can to throw a couple of other ideas out there. -K

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