Monday Morning Mop Up

Scooby Doo– The biggest piece of news this weekend was the news that someone who reads had nothing better to do than scan SyFy until October 2nd to see that Smackdown is set to air then. We have no announcement from the WWE or Syfy officially though.

– I taped the UFC Fights on Fox Sports 1 and am finally getting to them late on Sunday. I still haven’t watched Smackdown either. This could be a really late night. The James Vick vs Walmir Lazaro match was a war. Lazaro just ran out of gas. Vick wasn’t a full go but he had enough energy to cruise to a victory. Max Holloway vs “Cassius” Clay Collard was entertaining in the first round but then Collard couldn’t quite keep up. He will be fun when he has more than two weeks to prepare for a fight. Pretty ballsy for a 21 year old. Granted, Holloway is only 22. Jordan Mein had a seriously sweet left hook to knock out Mike Pyle. I’m thinking 38 is a little late to be fighting, Mike. Sports are for the young kids. Rafael Dos Anjos had an even better knock out of Benson Henderson. I don’t care if he got up and ran in place. He was out. I don’t care that the crowd booed. Thanks for ending quickly so I can get to Smackdown.

– I thought Dean Ambrose was going to be out for a couple of weeks but I didn’t know it was because he is starring in a terrible WWE movie until Jeremy mentioned it to me. That isn’t a good reason to take one of your hottest acts out of action at the beginning of his singles push. If these movies helped their popularity or got them onto a larger stage, I’d understand. But they don’t. The movies are usually direct to DVD who only wrestling fans buy.

– I am getting my first dose of Tom Phillips on play by play with the Jack Swagger vs Seth Rollins match. Michael Cole and JBL could work better for fighting. Jerry Lawler never puts up a fight on Raw but Cole tries to but then is forced to do his play by play man duties. Phillips could relieve this problem.

– I would say Seth Rollins earned this count out. They use it as a coward’s win almost exclusively. Curb Stomping your opponent to incapacitate to not make the count is an earned victory.

– I’m confused by the Bo Dallas character. He had just lost his cool and cracked on R Truth to make him look somewhat tough. Now he’s back to the pandering pansy. I don’t get it. You could have kept the easy wins coming. Just have him beat R Truth and do a victory lap. R Truth is a jobber. Everyone would still be aware that Bo Dallas is a fraud.

– I’m going to say that RVD is taking a break after the beat down he received at the hands of Randy Orton. I used to love RVD. I’d be just fine if he took a permanent vacation. You had a good career. Orton has gotten in this beat down along with Reigns recently. They’re finally doing his character correctly again instead of having that weird tether to The Authority.

– I thought Roman Reigns sounded as good as he has in his short stint as a singles wrestler. I think it’s appropriate to have him reference killing Orton’s Legend status.

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan got some heat back by beating down Stardust & Goldust after their match up. I understand that aspect but still think they’d benefit more from an actual victory. They lost their long running feud with the Usos. They lost individually to Chris Jericho. Now they’re losing to the Dusts who are a good act but it’d be odd to have two baby face teams going against each other.

– The one fact that Chris & I missed during our podcast which HHH and the “Breaking News” scroller made clear was that John Cena invoked the re-match clause and wasn’t forced into it. I really wanting to hear Cena’s logic after taking such a savage beating from Brock Lesnar.

Roman Reigns made short order of The Miz even with Randy Orton at ring side. I’m thinking it’s high time that more of these wrestlers not pay attention to the distractions. Paige did leave ring side earlier in the night when AJ Lee took her Divas Title. Look, you’re still going to be champ even if someone else has possession of the physical belt. I’m not sure if Paige is supposed to be “crazy” like AJ or not. It seems to me she’s more calculated with her brand of “crazy.” Paige should be able to block out AJ like Reigns blocked out Orton. Reigns forgot about Orton, took care of business then beat back the Viper. That’s what a professional does. – Kevin

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