Stunt Granny Audio #266

wisdomKevin lost his wisdom this past week when his teeth were removed. It meant that he forgot how to use his recording device with Chris until later than anticipated. They get around to wondering if John Cena is taking vicodin like Kevin is after the beating that he was given by Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Your hosts didn’t need to wonder about the next step in their feud because HHH announced on Main Event that they will indeed clash again at Night of Champions. Will John Cena crack a joke when he comes out for his next promo? Why didn’t the WWE wait to have this match until later? Is it being rushed because of the first wave of WWE Network subscribers are due before the next PPV? Will your hosts be re-upping? Will John Cena win the re-match? Or will Brock Lesnar have a dominant reign like Shahid has advised the WWE? Why did Kevin bring up Vince Russo’s vision of the Brock Lesnar and John Cena double turn? Did Chris think it was a viable plan in theory? The actual mauling was a bigger surprise than anything Russo could have written himself. Who else is in line to take on Lesnar? Will Dean Ambrose beat Roman Reigns to challenging Lesnar? Is it wise to have Ambrose challenge him? Will Roman Reigns be able to make it to Wrestlemania? What is Seth Rollins going to do with the Money In The Bank Briefcase? Would it be interesting to watch it expire if Lesnar is the champ for a long time? Will Lesnar be champ long enough to challenge CM Punk’s recent title reign? Would the WWE be able to talk him out of retirement to stop Lesnar’s reign? Chris & Kevin finally move on to talking about the actual feud between Rollins and Ambrose. How good of a technician is is Rollins? Is Ambrose holding up his end of the bargain? Would ending their feud at Hell In a Cell make sense? They move on to another topic they had skimmed earlier, will Bully Ray sign with the WWE? Or will TNA sign him before their next recording? Will Team 3D be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame still? Why would they not re-sign him? Isn’t he a home grown product at this point? Alberto Del Rio went back home to Mexico. Will the WWE sue him or will they avoid that mess and let him wrestle in AAA? Chris & Kevin aren’t about to avoid any of these topics and more so click on the link below!

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