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Kia Sorento with a Justice League theme from BoldRide.com

Kia Sorento with a Justice League theme from BoldRide.com

I forgot this show was “Hardcore Justice.” They are still in New York City.

Abyss is a problem for TNA. Abyss starts at violence 10 with his opponents, recently Bram, then tries to up it after match after match. They’re wrestling a Stairway to Janice match after already having been in a Monster’s Ball match at the last PPV. I really wish TNA had the guts to stick with a Joseph Park who had a spine or learned to wrestle. The crowd gives them validation though because they start chanting “This is awesome.” Let me be blunt with you, this is okay. It’s a violent match but I’ll go with the Brock Lesnar vs John Cena violence any day of the week. As for Bram, he’s taken Magnus‘s spot. He’s not as good in the ring or on the mic. Magnus has been completely neutered in the process. Brilliant plan. Flush one of your marketable wrestlers down the toilet.

EC3 gets Rhyno to quit. They start brawling. I don’t like this because Rhyno just acted like he didn’t need the money. Then why would you turn against your friends? You said it was for the money during this entire feud. EC3 did execute a nice beat down on Rhyno. It’s the best he’s looked in a long time.

– TNA seems to be trying to rebuild the X Division. I think having some people return may turn some people off but I’m enjoying Low Ki‘s act still. They let him do his thing in the ring which I enjoy too. Samoa Joe got the win which further affirms that they are trying a rebuild. I never give TNA the benefit of the doubt so we’ll see how long this lasts.

– I’m not quite sure what Ken Anderson beating Samuel Shaw does. Shaw is below Anderson in the pecking order. TNA is painting Anderson as a dick in the situation but they’re not really committing to it because he does have a defensible opinion. Gunner & Shaw just need to stay away from him and Christy Hemme. Let the trust build over time.

– I can get behind this set of matches with the Wolves, The Hardy Boyz and Team 3D. I believe there is a trio of matches prior to Davey Richards breaking his leg. TNA has given them a fairly good push. I’d still take the WWE’s tag team division if we’re going for comparisons.

– I have no idea what they’re trying to do with Dixie Carter. They make her sympathetic then turn her bitchy at the end of the shot because she let her own evil plan slip. I’m going to fire Bully Ray! Dumb move, toots.

– We get more gay bondage porn courtesy of Sanada and James Storm.

– The only thing that will stick with me from the Gail Kim vs Angelina Love match is the crowd chanting “Better Than Divas.” They haven’t watched AJ Lee vs Paige. This one wasn’t one of their better matches. Kim and Love might also be suffering from over exposure. They’ve been around for a long time with no development. Gail Kim is a baby face without a turn. Angelina is a reprising a role that was great half a decade ago. Give me crazy vs crazy any day of the week. Just for the record, Gail Kim retained the Knockouts Title.

– The main event between Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Gunner, James Storm and Magnus was not booked well from the start. 14 minutes isn’t enough time. Then you had Eric Young and Bobby Roode drop to the floor at the same time as two different referees picked one each. Yuck. TNA, all I’m asking for is that you stop trying to make Eric Young a main eventer. He’s not. Just stop. Have Bobby Roode win this thing clean. – Kevin

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