Stunt Granny Audio Presents: The Audio Experience #3 part 1


It is The Audio experience. This alone should sell you on downloading this podcast. In case that isn’t reason enough Dusty and Jeremy are back and get right ion to things. Jeremy finally gets to dig in to the mind Of Dusty and pulls out an opinion on the current issues with TNA. Is it curtains for everybody’s favorite whipping post of a company/ how the hell does Vince Russo continue gainful employment? How stupid is the man and just why did he have Mike Johnsons email address anyway?  Is TNA’s loss an absolute gain for Global Force wrestling? How the hell did LeBron James and the Miami Heat come up again? What would you rather own if you have the money: a wrestling company or a basketball team?  At least I believe it is on this part or it may be in part 2. so consider your appetite wet in case it isn’t. There is more, plus a dissection of Kevin’s unique talent. What is this talent? Well you have to listen and find out.

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