Stunt Granny Audio #269

I think this picture is from

I think this picture is from

Chris & Kevin are back to talk about Michael Elgin. Will he look like Prince Fielder when he hits the baseball diamond? Have ROH officials even talked to him about his desires? Did Kevin beat up the ROH officials enough in his article? How unimportant is it that he lost to Trevor Lee in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla? Who else has stripped him of titles because of his visa issues? Who’s lap does that problem fall into? They move on to Raw to talk about Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho. Was it a feud finishing win for Wyatt? Is Wyatt just treading water at this point? Is Jericho really giving rubs to people if he loses all of the time? Chris & Kevin move on to talking about Paul Heyman and John Cena. Can Heyman do what others haven’t and make Cena turn to the dark side? Will that even help him beat Brock Lesnar even if he embraces it? Do the guys think that the NXT stars will get a regular spot on Raw? Kevin sees less of them than Chris so which ones stood out to Kevin? Is Natalya still involved with Tyson Kidd in NXT? Does Sami Zayn wrestle any differently now that he is unmasked? Is Adrian Neville as quick as a hiccup? Did Tyler Breeze get to primp enough? Who’s driving the story line with the Bellas? Who is sand bagging the story line? How great is it that JJ Bella is now involved in the story line? Chris & Ken take a moment to talk about who may be in the Bunny Costume. They end talking about the main event, if Kevin can remember what it is. What main event was he thinking about? How close was Seth Rollins to getting impaled? When will Kevin learn to have his DVR tape longer? Find out the answer to all of these questions and more when you click on the link below!


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