#ImpactWrestling Finds a New Home

Destination AmericaTNA has officially signed on with Destination America according to their very own announcement. I will mock Destination America General Manager Marc Etkind for this quote

Our knockout partnership with TNA IMPACT WRESTLING continues Destination America’s mission of bringing our viewers the best of all-American entertainment, and going center ring with one of the world’s foremost professional wrestling leagues fits perfectly within our DNA

Because in no way is this product the best of all-American entertainment. I have several shows I could watch instead of this rubbish each and every week. I found a quote from Dixie Carter much more interesting

Together we will create an experience that takes our fans on a new journey that will push the envelope of technology, including where we take our cameras, going deeper into our superstars’ lives and showing the reality of what it takes to create a weekly professional wrestling show, all while showcasing the very best male and female athletes in the world.

Let’s go over these three points, one by one. TNA won’t be able to top the WWE in the technology department since I can watch a pay per view on my phone. I watched one coming home from Dayton. On a highway. How do you top that? I hate Total Divas to the point that I erased the last five episodes of the past season. TNA could easily do a reality show that is better than Total Divas. Will they? I highly doubt that but it is an opening the WWE has left open. I’m pretty sure Dixie Carter’s idea of showing what it takes to create a weekly show is all of their writers watching Raw and stealing every gimmick that comes on the screen. I can’t wait until they air the episode that the writers decide to repackage Devon as a preacher with Bobby Lashley and they’re called the New Night. More sarcasm to come on Stunt Granny Audio 276 being recorded later today. – Kevin

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