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Somehow this is filed under "Elimination." From

Somehow this is filed under “Elimination.” From

Chris is back with Kevin to actually talk about Raw. The show was half decent but for some reason, Kevin couldn’t tune out the announcers. Chris did tune them out but did he tune out of pop culture too? They move on to talk about the the best match of the evening, John Cena versus Neville. Will the US Open Challenge continue with a lack of credible opponents? Will someone like Neville get a second crack at Cena? Is there anyone else in line to take on Cena? How well has the WWE done in hyping the US Title? Kane finally showed some spunk so is Chris ready to see more in ring action from him? Why did the WWE think the announce desk would break when Roman Reigns speared him? Tamina came back but is the Divas division as confusing as ever? Can you even blame the announcers for not knowing what to say since the Bellas were heels at Wrestlemania less than two months ago but are now the baby faces in a feud? Speaking of the Bella Twins, Daniel Bryan had some big news this week. Why is the nature of his injury still a mystery? Does that make everyone think it’s worse than it really is? The WWE is putting the now vacant Intercontinental Title on the line in the Elimination Chamber. Can the WWE hype a PPV in just two weeks? Why are people still ordering pay per views? Chris & Kevin are enjoying the WWE Network so much that they’re going to review NXT’s take over next week fresh off the show. What Sippy Time Beer is Kevin drinking for this show that is during American Craft Beer Week? Find out when you click on the link below!

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