Stunt Granny Audio 316



Chris & Kevin are back and they lead off the show by talking about the tongue lashing ZZ received on Tough Talk by Daniel Bryan. Why did he wait until the online portion of the show? Would it change the voting for next week? How many people watch both Tough Enough and Tough Talk? Can either of the women make it in the WWE? Will any of the guys make the roster? How long until they really develop a personality and as a wrestler? Chris & Kevin finally move on to Raw talk. How good has the build up to Summerslam been? Is the finish to Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar a foregone conclusion after another kick in the nuts by Taker? Will there be a third match at Wrestlemania this coming year in Dallas? Is John Cena vs Seth Rollins a suitable number two match? Will their feud be extended into future months? Is the build up for Sheamus and Randy Orton making a ho-hum match up at least watchable? Will the Diva Revolution continue with their team elimination match? Has the tag team title match even gotten proper build for Summerslam? Is Cesaro finally on the rise with the crowd without using the Cesaro Swing? Can Kevin Owens lose enough weight to please management? Is two thirds Wyatt Family vs Two Thirds Shield going to be any good? Is this going to be the biggest Summerslam ever? Find out what your hosts think when you click the link below!

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