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Chris & Kevin are back for another week of fun discussing Raw. They start by mentioning the record low rating. If less people are watching, why is it more and more accepted in Geek Culture? Why are less people asking wrestling fans the question “Do you know it’s fake?” Would it help if they got behind any of their acts like Roman Reigns? Would more people watch Raw if the Divas only triumph in the Revolution is a second guaranteed four minute match? Chris & Kevin can’t pass up comparing them to NXT’s Iron Woman match with Bayley and Sasha Banks. They also can’t pass up talking a little TNA. What did Dave Meltzer point out that your hosts missed? Will the next few months of TNA programming be the most enjoyable in a while? Will it matter? The guys even get around to talking some Ring of Honor? Will they be able to make a dent in Geek Culture with the influx of New Japan talent? They finish up the show talking why Seth Rollins has only won one match in the last month plus. Join us for the fun by clicking on the link below.

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