Stunt Granny Audio 334 – Jeremy, Roman Reigns, Remote Controls & More

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Kevin welcomes Shahid back to the Flagship Show of Stunt Granny. They talk about their recent viewing habits of Smackdown since it is airing while they record this show. Are we still going to say what happens on Smackdown isn’t important with it’s move to USA? The guys then weigh in on Jeremy’s viewing habits of movies, especially Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Kevin & Shahid do wonder why they haven’t talked about Roman Reigns yet since he did have one of the few important segments on Raw this week? How well did his segment work with Stephanie McMahon? What did Shahid think of the whole Roman Reigns saga culminating in his old stomping grounds in Philadelphia? How can the League of Nations gain any traction with these down few weeks for the product during the holiday? Did anyone in an important position see Bully Ray wrestle in TNA? Will he ever get out of his old act in the WWE? Who else’s move set is old and dated like the Dudleyz? The pair has to take a break for a remote control lesson which is explained. Kevin & Shahid finish up strong by talking about what the WWE might have in play for Wrestlemania this coming year. Who does Roman Reigns take on? Will Dean Ambrose be in a high profile spot still? Why is Bray Wyatt untouchable? Do we think there is any way that Steve Austin will change his mind about wrestling? Is it good that they have a lot of moving pieces? Find out their thoughts on these questions and more when you click on the link below!

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