Stunt Granny Audio 335 – Raw Viewing, The Rock and Accents

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Kevin & Shahid are back again and boy did they not want to talk about Raw. But they still managed to talk about it for over an hour. How long can they go in the show before mentioning John Cena? Is he eventually on course to have a show down with Roman Reigns? When did the Reigns against Vince McMahon segment get talked about? Are we in the right decade when a “bone through the nose” gets brought up in a promo? How was The Rock the only person to get away from that image? Will his appearance at Wrestlemania make the price of the ticket worth it? Did Holly Holm wreck his plan with Ronda Rousey? Can we all just agree he’d have a perfectly fine match with HHH? Why does Shahid hate the Brooklyn crowd so much? Did they ruin the Sasha versus Becky Lynch match? Was it still awkward without their moronic antics? Does New Day get more love than the Lucha Dragons? Can Kalisto be the next Rey Mysterio? Will Sin Cara get left in the dust with his injury? Can you want Big Show to retire without doing the chant at a show? Find out the answer to these question when you click on the link below.

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