Matt Hardy Got Suspended by TNA (Yes that is possible)

This needs to be said before this goes any further; there is no personal vendetta here at Stunt Granny against Matt Hardy.  We comment on what we read and occasionally break news about wrestlers. The fact that this guy repeatedly gets in the news is out of our control. It’s like a buffet of Matt most days.

So, Matt Hardy has been suspended by TNA according to The official reason he is being suspended is that he was late for events. Yup, all those days he has to work and he is consistently late.

Now, TNA has roughly, a nice guesstimate, of twelve dates a month. The average worker has a work week consisting of forty hours, which breaks down to five days a week in some cases. SO, take your five day work week and multiply it by four, you know the amount of weeks in normal month and you get twenty days a week. How often would you be on time?

This tub of butter can’t make it on time to scheduled events? Seriously? Is he trying to copy his younger brother now? Is this Matt’s way of getting out of his contract with TNA just like Jeff supposedly did with WWE? Oh yeah, Matt already started this idiotic behavior at the end of his WWE run as well.

Of course this can’t be the issue as Matt put on his twitter that “ Between dates, injuries…….I’m gonna have a few weeks off & I’m ecstatic! The Matt Hardy movement is in full effect!” By the way this is the exact reason you should hate people that consistently put positive spin on things. They are delusional to actual problems.

Hopefully you are done shaking your head now so you can finish reading this. Matt’s sole job is being a wrestler. Don’t; listen to his inane bullshit about other things going on. The Hardy Show isn’t a viable source of income and that is about it for him. This actually has my head frozen from all the one liners trying to make their way from my head to the keyboard. Literally there is a bottleneck of jokes and none of them are coming out.

Oh, here’s one; its catering not set up until four hours after the call time? Come on this is too easy. Ring the dinner bell an hour early and listen for the bow legged clickety-click of a stampeding fathead itching to get his hands on some taters and gravy. -Jeremy

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  1. Jeff Brown 2011-06-22 at 5:13 pm #

    Stunt Granny is not making any of this personal with Matt “the fat pillpoppin’ grape eating booze hound piece of white trash that pays a girl to let him stick his unwashed dick in” Hardy.

    God Bless this website.

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