Shawn Michaels and a Man Who Stole His Chest Hair

According to our good friend Jason Powell over at, Shawn Michaels will have an Appreciation Night when WWE Raw rolls into San Antonio, Texas on August 6th. I love Michaels, but is there much to appreciate at this point that hasn’t been combed over a million times? Since the WWE will have their expanded third hour in which to replay unlimited video packages, they needed a theme. Shawn Michaels I suppose it’ll be better than turning into a narcoleptic as soon as the Big Show’s 94th video package airs on Raw.

The man on Youtube is Joey Ryan and I’m pretty sure he stole Michaels’s chest hair. He is angry because Bruce Pritchard and Tazz voted him off Gut Check on Impact Wrestling. Ryan compares himself to CM Punk and Daniel Bryan but neglects to mention that they were smart to put their stock in the WWE not a company that kills great indy wrestlers. Have you talked to Samoa Joe about your move? It is a better promo than he cut on Impact before his verdict which tells me TNA has more in store for him until they forget about him like the first contestant on Gut Check who’s name I can’t seem to recall since he hasn’t been on TV since signing his contract. -Kevin

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