@ImpactWrestling Twitter Compilation & Aftermath

Tweet: We’re now following @REALBully5150 because of another fun exchange between Joseph Park & him. The sentence was long. Park > Abyss. Aftermath: You can follow us @Stuntgranny just in case you’re new to the site. Ray started off slow but his mic work was better with Park in the ring. I’m so happy to not see the Abyss gimmick. It’s such a hacky rip off that just about anything he’d do other than it would be better. Park happens to be a fun, unimposing baby face which doesn’t get used enough.Good segment.

Tweet: Why did the Aries & Hogan feel like they taped in separate studios? Aftermath: They talked past each other because neither of their egos could share the camera. Bad segment.

Tweet: I’m finally getting sucked into this dumb AJ Styles story line. Still not worth the garbage that came before. Aftermath: They interviewed Dixie Carter about the father of Claire’s kid. This material has turned me because it’s very Jerry Springer or Maury with the whole baby daddy material. It’d crack me up with Kaz, Daniels & Styles had to take paternity tests. Good segment.

Tweet: Crimson dropping like a rock. First Morgan, now Devon who in no way needs that win. AJ Lee >>>>>>>>>> Madison Rayne. Aftermath: Devon is a good steady hand. Crimson still needs help. Did I use enough greater than symbols? Bad segment.

Tweet: Sabin didn’t feel real to me. Roode played his part well. Aftermath: I can’t add more.

Tweet: Flip Cassanova is fighting @JohnnyGargano ‘s clone who is related the Demolition Man. Good to see #PRIMEWrestling represent. Aftermath: Flip is still a bit sloppy & caused Dakota Darsow’s likely broken nose. Flip does look like’s he’s improved even with the problems.

Tweet: Glad that Tenay & Taz explained Gail Kim’s clause like it was a hostage situation. They call the match fine right after. Tweet #2: Why did the champ just get the sucker finisher then pin? Tara doesn’t need to look that strong. Aftermath: It felt like Al Qaeda dropped in thirty seconds then left. Bad match for the ladies which was made worse by Tara hitting the Widow’s Peak then letting Tessmacher hit her finisher too. Gail shouldn’t be getting her comeuppance the week before a title match. Bad segment.

Tweet: Good segment with AJ & Daniels. Please be the end of the feud. Kaput. I revolt if they continue. Aftermath: They got down to brass tax with AJ wanting prove he’s a better wrestler than Daniels. The story has felt like it was a year long as AJ mentioned the proving ground match from the previous year’s Bound For Glory. They’ve had breaks but please make it end.

Tweet: I don’t know what the cards are for & I don’t care. Aftermath: Hogan getting mysterious poker cards doesn’t make me feel like following a “Who’s done it?” Bad segment.

Tweet: Lars Only better not win. Holy bad look Batman. Did King leave ROH though? Didn’t see the news. Good work. Tweet #2: Tazz calling out Lars Only. Awesome. Best work in a while by him tonight aside from the hostage moment. Tweet #3: King is a better promo by himself. Not great but better. I’d like to see more solo work. Aftermath: According to this story from Prowrestling.net, Kenny King had a verbal contract with ROH but told them he’d hold off on signing one until his lawyers looked at it. Most likely, the lawyers were with TNA because they swooped in to pick up half of the tag team champs for a spot in the somewhat reinvigorated X Division. ROH looks like a bunch of chumps, again. King should snag the X Division Title because he’s been the best guy to win in qualifying so far.

Tweet: Austin Aries is too good for #ImpactWrestling I like his rub for Kenny King. Loved the video package too. Aftermath: I can’t wait for TNA to yet again yank the rug out from someone who deserves to be put on the next level.

Tweet: I really dig Hardy’s new line of shirts. Should really review them for the site proper. Tweet: #2: Weird start to the Storm vs Hardy match and strange break at the beginning. No one was down. You will miss action. Tweet #3: Not good when your fans are chanting Yes. Good match since the break. Tweet #4: Gotta keep Hardy alive in the BFG series. Storm doubt stuff is continuing, even if I don’t like. Aftermath: Storm was at the top of the standing so him losing shouldn’t be a big deal but they’re doing the “mental games” angle with him so it follows the story line. Hardy is one of your most popular wrestlers and was behind in points. I tweeted the link to Hardy’s one shirt and will do my best to get to a review of it. Good match.

Tweet: The Aries vs Roode skit cut off on me. Nice of Hogan to just play his part. Aries really swinging now. Aftermath:

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