Stunt Granny Audio 286

Chris & Kevin came to you directly after Smackdown this week so that they could talk all about the WWE. It started though with a thorough going over of NXT which Kevin finally watched. How well did he remember names of the combatants? How many times did Chris laugh at him when he screwed up? Did Chris help to fill in the back history of these characters? How many of them are ready for call ups after Wrestlemania this year? Are there any noticeable trends with the wrestlers? How about the NXT Divas? Speaking of Divas, wasn’t it about time Natty turned heel? Instead of going over Smackdown segment by segment, the guys talk about the overall themes in the WWE this week. The chief topic as of course the WWE Title picture that involves Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins. The second main topic was Bray Wyatt and what seems like his inevitable show down with the Undertaker. The last topic that gets touched on is HHH’s appearance on the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin podcast. Grab your head phones, it’s finally time for some Stunt Granny Audio this week!

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