Stunt Granny Audio 358 – Reigns Suspension, Brand Extension & Central Intelligence

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Chris & Kevin are back and they do not have Impact Wrestling to make fun of this week. But they do have plenty of news from the WWE to talk about. Most notably the suspension of Roman Reigns for the next thirty days. How are they going to address his absence on TV? Will he end up being at Battleground? Or will Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose go at it one on one? Is Reigns allowed to record videos when he’s suspended? Will he go the way of Randy Orton and continue to get suspensions? Where can you read the WWE’s Wellness Policy? How many times has Brock Lesnar already been tested now that he’s going back to the UFC? What is the WWE going to do about the Brand Extension that will take place during the suspension? Is there a chance that Jerry Lawler’s latest scrape with the law will cause his disappearance from the WWE permanently pending the results of the charges? What will the WWE do for this week? Is it possible for Corey Graves to get the call up? Is it time to give Renee Young a spot on the head set? Speaking of the ladies, how is to blame for the bad spot with Dana Brooke and the referee? Why did the WWE keep Sasha Banks off of TV for so long? Will Chris or Kevin be able to like Natalya now that she’s a heel? Is Becky Lynch the only baby face woman left? Does the division need Nikki Bella back? Bray Wyatt is someone else who is back. Will the Wyatt Family only be working a six man program with the Wyatts? When is Luke Harper coming back? Kevin wraps up the show by talking about seeing Central Intelligence this past weekend? Can he break it down like Jeremy & Shahid on We Watch Stuff? Find out by clicking on the link.

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