Stunt Granny Audio 366 – Billy Corgan, Raw & Smackdown Live

I am the new black hole of charisma - Billy Corgan. Saved from

I am the new black hole of charisma – Billy Corgan. Saved from

It’s a crowded house this week as Jeremy joins in the fun with Chris & Kevin this week. What arcane reference started the show off? Since it has TNA roots, the gentlemen talk about the state of affairs in TNA. Is there anything better than Vanguard 1  being the chauffeur for Matt Hardy? Is there any reason to watch aside from the Hardyz though? How is Bobby Lashley faring these days? Is his life a bunch of “should have/could have” moments if not for Brock Lesnar before him? Why is TNA embracing an MMA Style Title? Shouldn’t they focus on the goofy stuff since it does get all of the attention? Is The Decay similar in nature to Broken Matt Hardy? The guys get bored talking about TNA eventually and move on to the WWE. Has Raw done much different since the brand split aside from some minor tweaks? Should the WWE have made Rusev “The Man” for a few months before creating their own Universal Title? How did the Demon King gimmick work out? Could they have demonstrated Balor’s power rather than the small beating he gave to Rollins? Who would be a candidate for such a beating? Is Roman Reigns a geek or just unlikable because of his many dick moments? Did this week’s shows feel like there was build up to a major pay per view? Smackdown Live isn’t exempt from these build up problems either. Is it because Dolph Ziggler is still an easy target for Dean Ambrose? Is Heath Slater doing the best work of his career right now? Chris, Jeremy and Kevin are doing the best work of their career’s so click on the link below.


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