Stunt Granny Audio 373 – Will TNA Stay or Will They Go?

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Chris, Jeremy & Kevin put their mouths together for the second straight week. No, not that way you. Get your mind out of gutter. Chris avoids technical difficulties but TNA are definitely having a lot of difficulties these days. Will they be able to afford to produce Bound For Glory which is still slated for this coming Sunday? How much exactly are they in the whole? Does the WWE have much leverage since they will only be buying the tape collection and trade marks? Who would the WWE add to their roster if they were to absorb Impact Wrestling? Would Bobby Lashley have some conflicting issues with Bellator if he went to the WWE? Would Matt & Jeff Hardy be better off on the Independent scene or in the WWE? Is there any way the campy enjoyment of Broken Matt Hardy could be brought to the WWE? Do you think Vince McMahon would allow a baby at ring side? Does Jeremy now care about the Decay after their feud with the Hardyz? The boys get back to talking the actual sale and bring up Billy Corgan‘s name. Will he finally get full control? Will he completely re-brand the company? Why does he have a time slot on the Busted Open Radio Show today? If he folded his Chicago based wrestling federation, why does he think he can succeed now? Will he finally bring real change to the brand? Can they get their crowds back into their product? Do any of your hosts have sympathy for Dixie Carter? How about the talent that has signed to this obviously sinking ship? How many bad decisions has Carter made over the years? Is there one defining bad decision that started the true fall of TNA even though it was predicted back when they only did Pay Per Views? The guys had so many bad decisions to talk about, they ran well over an hour. Feast on what could be the last TNA Audio by clicking the link below.

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