The @WWE Slammy Awards Are During #Raw Part II

I'm not amused with these 3 Hour Raws.

I’m not amused with these 3 Hour Raws.

What A Manuever – Who Had The Most Impressive Signature Move? – Daniel Bryan’s Running Knee Strike, AJ Lee’s Black Widow, Roman Reigns’ Spear and Antonio Cesaro’s Giant Swing – I know Daniel Bryan was a popular pick for Part I, but I can’t see him winning this category because his running knee strike doesn’t even have a name yet. AJ Lee isn’t even the center piece of her own division despite being better on the mic, in the ring and having a personality. She’s more of utility player within the WWE since she bounced around to a bunch of men then finally plopped in the Diva’s Division once the crazy story lines had run their course. For some reason, the spear never needs to be renamed no matter who is using it. Roman Reigns certainly was given the ball to run with it at Survivor Series with 4 eliminations but I don’t think he’ll get it. Antonio Cesaro made puking “funny” and has tested his move out on the small and large alike.

Faction Of The Year – Which Group Was Most Dominant in the WWE? – The Shield, The Wyatt Family, The Real Americans & 3MB – 3MB may get a lifetime achievement award if they stick around long enough but that’s the only way they win anything of significance. The Real Americans have gotten a marginally higher spot than 3MB but aren’t that much further ahead so they won’t win. For the third time in 7 awards, we’re down to the Shield and the Wyatt Family. As stated before, the Wyatts have done nothing of consequence so far so the Shield should take this easily because of their title reigns & destruction of the Undertaker & The Rock.

Best Crowd of The Year – Which Live Audience Rocked The House? – Raw After Wrestlemania (East Rutherford), WWE Payback (Chicago), Summerslam (LA) and Raw in London – I’ve only seen two of these crowds because I rarely order PPVs. Chicago usually has a good crowd so I’m not surprised they’re on the list. I hate Anaheim crowd but not sure about LA crowds. I’m sure they were fired up. Raw in London was just trying to imitate Raw After Wrestlemania so they win hands down. I’m glad they set a bar and most crowds have stepped up their game.

“Say What” Quote of the Year – What Was The Most Surprising Statement? – “Paul, say somethin’ stupid” Brock Lesnar to Paul Heyman, “Rise Above This” Damien Sandow to John Cena, “One Stipulation: I’m in my boys’ corner and I’ll be your huckleberry all night long.” Dusty Rhodes to Stephanie McMahon and Paul Heyman’s Volcano Tirade – Damien Sandow won’t win category because his phrase blows. Not the intellectually smart retort from my perspective for the “Intellectual Savior of the Masses”. Dusty Rhodes had one fantastic line and the fact that it may have really upset Stephanie because he ad libbed a great line makes it even better. Paul Heyman deserves this award for his fantastic work on the mic this past year but I’ve got to admit that I didn’t like this promo in the first place. I haven’t re-listened to it so maybe I’d change my mind. Unfortunately for all of Paul’s quality work, Brock Lesnar will get it for his concise line that was akin to his “Chicken shit into chicken salad” like from The Ultimate Fighter. The fans will love that Brock was insulting the man they hate too.

Feat of Strength of The Year – Who Had The Most Powerful Display? – Antonio Cesaro Big Swings The Great Khali, Ryback Shell Shocks Mark Henry, The Shield Triple Power Bombs The Big Show and Mark Henry Pulls Two Trucks With His Bare Hands – Ryback‘s Shellshock still stinks as a finisher so he shouldn’t win. It doesn’t display his strength in a proper manner. The Shield shouldn’t win this either as three men pulled off this move on the admittedly gigantic Big Show. Mark Henry‘s feat showed off his strength well but I’ve watched so many World’s Strongest Man contests in the wee hours on ESPN that I wasn’t impressed. Antonio Cesaro should win this one because he relied on no one else to pull off this maneuver. He’s also gotten the crowd behind this move which is not the easiest thing to do for a heel. Too bad he can’t swing his tag team into a title reign.

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