The @WWE Slammy Awards Are During #Raw Part I

Remember the days a 3 hour Raw weren't standard?

Remember the days a 3 hour Raw weren’t standard?

Breakout Star of the Year – The Wyatt Family, Big E Langston, Fandango and the Shield. We all know that Fandango is thrown into this vote to acknowledge his fleeting moments of fame. Summer Rae is getting front billing these days. Big E Langston has only been hot for the past two months so he is out. The Wyatt Family has been operational for several months now but they have lacked any impact. They abducted Kane, who then left for a month, came back, kicked their asses then changed identities. They had several other consistent attacks but never stuck to them for long. Now they’re in a feud with Daniel Bryan. They are recruiting him but I’m not sure what that would do for either side. So the winners have to be The Shield, even though they started last year at Survivor Series. Tag Title & US Title reigns along with an imminent Roman Reigns push makes them an easy winner.

“This Is Awesome” Moment of the Year – Dolph Ziggler Cashes In Money In The Bank, Daniel Bryan Wins WWE Championship Against Randy Orton at Night of Champions, Big Show Knocks Out HHH and Kofi Kingston Chair Hop To Stave Off Elimination at the Royal Rumble – Kofi Kingston will have a spot on this award for a long time. Fortunately, he will never win because he’s a spot whore. I don’t care that Big Show knocked out HHH because it led to a title defense by Randy Orton and that’s about it. I would love for my boy Dolph Ziggler to win this category. It was a huge moment on Raw with an absolutely raucous crowd to get behind the title change. Unfortunately, he was booted in the skull by Jack Swagger and never got his spot back. Even if he did, I doubt he would have eclipsed Daniel Bryan‘s last six months. Well, really his last year and a half but which is relevant only because the people voting most likely go for the most popular wrestler. That makes the Bearded One an easy winner.

Trending Now – Who Created the Biggest Online Buzz? – #BelieveInTheShield, #FollowTheBuzzards, #BestForBusiness and #WeThePeople – I’m glad Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are getting a nice nod for their work this year but they can’t win this vote being heels. #BestForBusiness won’t win for heel reasons also. HHH & Steph don’t need any more awards either. That leaves us with the same final two for Break Out Star of The Year, The Wyatts & The Shield. In this case, I think The Wyatts will win because they have been using their catch phrase more this year than the Shield, who because of the title reigns have been using their catch phrase less.

Beard Of The Year – Who Wore Their Facial Hair Best? – Daniel Bryan, The Wyatt Family, Damien Sandow & Zeb Colter. This category is stacked with fantastic facial hair. The Wyatt Family has more combined facial hair than anyone else but quantity will not win the day. Damien Sandow has the most trimmed facial hair out of the quartet. He hasn’t pimped his beard like the other contestants though so he’s not going to win. Zeb Colter should win this category. His Yosemite Sam mustache is accented by a fantastic bushy beard. The Goat Beard will win this one though. Daniel Bryan will deservedly take home another award.

Couple of The Year – Who Made The Best Romantic Pair? – Triple H & Stephanie McMahon, Fandango & Summer Rae, Tyson Kidd & Natalya Neidhart, Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella, John Cena & Nikki Bella, Jimmy Uso & Naomi. We’ve got four couples from Total Divas, The Authority and the Dancers. In some ways, it’d be hilarious if the WWE rigged this vote in particular to make HHH & Steph win. I’m sure Steph would come up with a solid condescending way to thank all of the fans for voting for them. I’m not sure we really know anything more about the relationships of the couples on Total Divas because of their fake ass skits. Tyson & Natalya are portrayed as cat loving morons who fight constantly. Brie & Daniel Bryan seem like a cool couple as do Nikki & John Cena but the Bella vote will be split so neither side will win. I want to see Fandango & Summer Rae win. They need something new to crow about and this would be a perfect award to hand to them. It also helps that I want to see more of Summer Rae.

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