Stunt Granny Audio #274

Wedding PicKevin & Shahid are on to review Jeremy’s wedding.  How else could they start the show since there was an Eric Nelson sighting? What did Shahid find at WalMart? How many new beers did Kevin Try in South Carolina? Can Shahid cut a rug? Why did Kevin thank Eric for getting out of dancing? How good of an idea was a drunk show after the wedding? They move on to talk about the normal wrestling at hand, professional wrestling. As usual, it’s mostly about the WWE. Raw was mostly good but what irked Shahid? It’s about the John Cena and Randy Orton feud. Is the problem ever going to go away? Will either of these wrestlers ever go away since they’ve been around since 2002? We know why Brock Lesnar feels fresh to our eyes but does Orton feel fresh? Why did Cena & Orton get their stipulation when Cena had just lost a match to Dean Ambrose? Has Orton really been Seth Rollins lackey? Which match will get top billing for Hell In A Cell? How bad was the Ambrose bit with the doll? Did Mick Foley resonate with your hosts for the Ambrose vs Rollins match? Who will win that match up? Kevin & Shahid move on to talking about the Bella Twins and their stipulation for HIAC. How is the WWE different from other organizations when it comes to booking these angles? How unlikable is Natalya on all platforms? Does she even make Summer Rae seem sympathetic? Will Alicia Fox & Paige improve Total Divas next season? The last WWE topic of the evening is the potential HHH vs Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at Wrestlemania 31. Is the best way to deal with returning stars to pit them against each other? Will they be able to play off their Smackdown interaction going into this match? Who would Shahid bring in to referee the match? Does it matter who wins the match up? Who does Kevin assume wins this match if it does indeed happen? They close the night by talking about Brodus Clay, er, Tyrus who showed up in Bethlehem PA  for the Impact Wrestling tapings. Does TNA have any success stories bring over WWE talent? Or will Tyrus just be the next Mike Knox with unrealized potential? This show has the potential to be show of the year so click on the link below!

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