Stunt Granny Audio #300

300Jeremy is back on the Stunt Granny Audio for the big 300th show. Kevin joins him but has a similar chorus to previous weeks shows, desperately avoiding talking about Raw. In order to do that, they talked about the freshly aired E:60 on ESPN. If you haven’t watched, your hosts are full of spoilers, if you consider two year old information a spoiler. Who had the most interesting story? Adam Rose? Corey Graves? Xavier Woods? Why are some of these guys more interesting in this documentary than they are on WWE TV? Who can root against Rose after his story? Is Woods really into collecting pogs? Jeremy & Kevin also talked about the Roman Reigns 24/7 documentary. Did it paint a more flattering picture of him than the WWE has done on it’s big shows? How funny was his mother’s reaction to Seth Rollins hitting the ring at Wrestlemania? How many months of the WWE Network have been free now that May is free after April was free? When does the consumer actually start to get mad about giving away a product the consumer is paying for? How many months have been free in the last six months? What programming could shift from WWE TV to the Network? Why isn’t the WWE taking advantage of it more? Jeremy & Kevin will take advantage of your ears when you click on the link below!

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