Random Questions After Bound For Glory


Matt, the cake goes here but you knew that already.


So I actually watched “Bound For Glory” last night and have a few questions that maybe, just maybe, some of you loyal readers or listeners can answer.

Why is Gen Me challenging for anything other battling out of a paper bag?
Do the Motor City Machine Guns get a bonus for continually being the curtain-jerkers?
What does it take for the “next Hardy Bros” to make themselves seem legit?
This is the best they could do with Mickey James?
Does Tara in a full body suit still give you funny feelings?
What happened to the Knockouts and is Dutch Mantell still available to book them?
Who was the worst wrestler in the Ink Inc/Orlando Jordan and Eric young match? Trick question they all suck.
Why is it only unattractive people cover their bodies in tattoos?
Is it wrong to root for Hepatitis C during a tag-team match?
Jay Lethal and Doug Williams…..why?
If Becky Bayless was any hotter I would move to Florida or New York or New Jersey or wherever she goes. Is that stalking or true love?
Is The Shore just another gimmick for TNA to showcase their lack of hipness?
I guess the t-shirt fad is catching on in TNA?
Do they have a stash of extra-extra large t-shirts on stand by?
If you fall in face first in to barb wire and do not get sliced up immediately is it real barb wire?
If it isn’t barb wire then why show close ups of it?
If you can see a turn coming during entrances shouldn’t the match just be skipped?
If part of your in ring gear is a T-shirt and your name is not Tommy Dreamer, isn’t it time to call it quits?
Especially if you lazily walk around the ring and show little to no fire while everyone else does the work?
Which of these is not like the other?
Why bother booking Samoa Joe at all if you constantly squash the guy?
Shouldn’t the audience just be pissed off at Sting for not coming out and saying what was up?
If a worker is the guy who makes money does The Brooklyn Brawlers name enter the argument for greatest worker of all time?
Can The Pope please get back to brushing off scandal and renouncing his Nazi affiliations already please? Huh? Wrong Pope? Oh, um, well, nevermind
Why is it supposed to impress people if you have held a title 24 times?
How does TNA write themselves out of two bad retirement angles?
Why is Dixie Carter sitting front row when that seat could be used to ….wait for it…..make money?
If black is slimming why doesn’t it work on anyone n TNA?
Why is Tommy Dreamer wearing MMA gloves?
What happened to that big dude? You know the guy that used to be Matt Morgan, future break out star.
Is it really a cage match if you can open the door and leave it?
Why weren’t Flair and Foley involved in the actual Lethal Lockdown match?
Did you ever think you would see Brian Kendrick meditate on top of a cage during a cage match?
Is Fortune the worst heel stable in the history of wrestling?
Why is Jeff Hardy a heel now?
Why, if a group of babyfaces join together does that make them a heel faction?
Why would a group of babyfaces let a lump of shit heel like Abyss joing their cool guy group?
When did it become acceptable to stand in the ring kicking a referee while he is counting a pin?
Does Kurt angle still have to retire?
Do they have a plan for him to get out of it?
Does it entail him defending TNA’s honor?
Does anyone give a shit?
Is it true there are no fresh ideas in wrestling now? (This isn’t at TNA directly but damn did you see the end of the show?)

Feel free and add your own. The possibilities are endless. -Jeremy

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  1. Fanatic 2010-10-11 at 8:43 pm #

    Eric Bischoff kicking the ref as he counts to 3, and the REF NO-SELLING it might have been the icing on the turd cake that was BFG.

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