Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Eric & Jeremy February 28, 2012

Eric: I have a thought: any chance we’ll see Miz vs. Orton at WM?
Jeremy: Well they both have nothing and you can’t add them to the GM debacle so yes. But how do you get that story going? What could possibly be the issue?
Eric: Simply Miz being angry that he’s being left off the card, that he’s an afterthought, and to get people to pay attention to him, he attacks Orton.
Jeremy: You mean this coming Friday? Makes sense due to the match they are having. I thought the exchange with Miz and Daniel Bryan was a tad awkward.
Eric: Yeah, Miz can attack Orton during or after the match.
Jeremy: Right, hence they save Orton or Daniel Bryan a loss or a clean loss. Then Orton gets pissed. Basic stuff but it gets them both on WrestleMania. This is another Orton/Punk Scenario though as the outcome is not in doubt.
Eric: Right.
Jeremy: It also keeps them out of the dreaded 10 min six man match for the GM position.
Eric: Yuck. I was wondering if they’d bump that up to an eight-man
Jeremy: They insist on using Swagger so probably
Eric: Add Otunga as the jobber for Ace. I was thinking Henry-Alberto-Christian-Otunga  vs. Santino-Kofi-Truth-Zack if they want to bring him back. That would be four “Smackdown” heels and four “Raw” babyfaces.
Jeremy: Zack will get Kane. Seems logical.
Eric: I hope not.
Jeremy: If Zack goes over though it is a good thing.
Eric: But if it’s not Kane vs. Zack, then Kane has no foreseeable role.
Jeremy: He doesn’t really anyway.
Eric: Unless he wrestles Big Show… which isn’t likely since they’re aiming for Show vs. Cody.
Eric: Showdy!
Jeremy: What a terrible tag team name. Big Rhodes is better.

Eric: Haha, not really.
Jeremy: Who else has been left of WrestleMania so far?
Eric: Right now, including some injured guys. Miz, Orton, Kane, Ryder, Rey, Barrett, Swagger and Dolph.
Jeremy: Barrett probably interferes in the Showdy match
Eric: Kofi and Truth.
Eric: Haha, Showdy.
Jeremy: Oh no I hope they find a spot for Kofi to totally blow a spot in.
Eric: They could do Swaggler vs. Ko-Truth.
Jeremy: Why? Ugh.
Eric: Because that’s the entire midcard.
Jeremy: Dolph is penciled for the six man at the least.
Eric: But he’s a heel.So is Henry, Alberto and Christian.
Jeremy: Right so he would support Johnny Wooden. Well that is if they are cleared to wrestle.
Eric: Right, I think it’s odd that Christian and Alberto are getting involved if there’s a chance they can’t wrestle.
Jeremy: Well Kharma got in the RR and she hasn’t been seen nor mentioned but then last night was all about Rock and Cena so probably the reason. I am guessing next week the rest of the midcard fills out.
Eric: I’m sure… I was thinking of the same thing.
Jeremy: So we have to have a diva exchange so figure Kharma/Beth but then the rest of the twatty hens have to be involved.
Eric: Lumberjill.
Jeremy: Yeeeeuck.
Eric: I agree but what else do you do? A battle royal?
Jeremy: I remember a time being in to women’s wrestling.
Eric: Anything that gets them all involved is a big yuck. Just focus on Kharma vs. Beth. It looked like they were teased Eve vs. Kelly Kelly in their little backstage thing last night.
Jeremy: Yeah and that is fine for a TV feud. Three minute match on Raw. Perfect; feud over move along.
Eric: That would be OK. But then what? Kelly is their poster girl; Eve is getting a good reaction. You’d think they’d want to capitalize somehow at WM. But again; fuck them. Beth vs. Kharma is the match guys like us want to see.
Jeremy: There is no chance they have two females matches. The fact may be Kharma isn’t ready. I told Kevin on the last Stunt Granny Audio Show she may have been physically clear for the light duty Rumble work and that was it.
Eric: Yeah, you would think WrestleMania, which is 10 weeks later, would be enough time. But I guess I’ve never given birth.
Jeremy: Yeah man you don’t understand the magic. So are we giving up the idea of Money in the Bank at WrestleMania?
Eric: Yeah, they haven’t had one at WM for, what, two years now? It has its own PPV, it’s moved on. One year, I guess.
Jeremy: But they got rid of the MITB PPV this year. SO it seemed reasonable it would be on there.
Eric: For 2012?
Jeremy: Yeah.
Eric: I didn’t realize that.
Jeremy: Hence the speculation started and the lack of people with matches.
Eric: I see. You were the first person I’ve seen speculating on it.
Jeremy: Trying to start a buzz.
Eric: Ha, yeah.
Jeremy: But I have seen it on boards and what not. So it had to be true right?
Eric: Everything you read on the Internet actually will happen.
Jeremy: So a badger with laser eyes is evolutionary? Awesome, time to finish my script.
Eric: Oh snap, I’ll stop writing mine if you want to collaborate.
Jeremy: Cyborg Badgers!
Eric: You know the eventual sequel: Cyborg Badgers vs. Deer Hunters. Where the hunters are actual deer.
Jeremy: Led by a Zombie Christopher Walken.

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